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Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101368
Leading their Black Templars brethren from the front lines, Marshals exemplify the strength and skill of the warriors under their command. They are paragons of strategic genius with centuries of battlefield experience, and their great deeds are often rewarded with ancient artefacts drawn from the Ch..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101367
Black Templar Castellans function as Lieutenants for this esoteric successor Chapter. Acting as the right hand of their Marshal, they help direct their battle-brothers in war. By handling the squad-level combat logistics of force coordination and acting as exemplary leaders, they free up their M..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101364
As grizzled a warrior as his Chapter has ever known, High Chaplain Grimaldus is a beacon of Imperial faith. His fortitude is such that many of his brothers believe him invincible. His will is singular, his zeal coldly furious, and his martial skill attested by the trail of broken foes laid at his he..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101355
The warriors of the Death Company, consumed by the madness of the Black Rage, consign themselves to death in battle. It is both a great tragedy, and a great honour, to be one of these offerings upon the altar of war. This 94-piece kit contains five multi-part plastic Blood Angels Death Company minia..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101356
The Sanguinary Guard are the utmost elite of the Blood Angels chapter. They fight with wrist-mounted Angelus boltguns that leave both hands free to wield crackling power glaives. The Sanguinary Guard are a brotherhood of mortals-become-gods and their deeds are the stuff of legend. This 95-piece kit..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101354
The Furioso Dreadnought is death incarnate, a towering war machine whose fearsome weaponry is guided by a pilot buried deep within its shell. Many bear the scars from thousands of years of warfare and they are revered within the Blood Angels Chapter as living relics. Some Furioso Dreadnoughts are gu..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120116047
This box contains- 1x Tech-Priest Dominus- 3x Kataphron Destroyers, which can alternatively be built as Kataphron Breachers- 5x Sicarian Infiltrators, which can alternatively be built as Sicarian Ruststalkers- 10x Skitarii Vanguard, which can alternatively be built as Skitarii Rangers..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120115004
Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - BOARDING PATROL: Chaos DaemonsA force of Chaos Daemons, ready for Boarding Actions or adding to your armyRage through enemy ships with Karanak and his frenzied Khornate daemonsContains 21 multipart plastic miniaturesThese miniatures are supplied unpainted and requ..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120102139
War Dog-class Knights act as hunting packs for their Dread Household. Armed with an eclectic array of weaponry, these nimble combat walkers range ahead of the terrible shadow cast by larger Knights, picking off enemy outriders and guarding the flanks of their colossal masters. Among these vicious en..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW60010102001
Chaos Knights are horrifying metal harbingers of dread and destruction in service to the Dark Gods. These mechanical warsuits are piloted by Fallen Nobles who drive their warped steeds in thundering assaults over battlefields across the galaxy. Embarking on unholy quests and bent on honourless domin..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120102137
Seen as especially blessed by the Dark Gods, the Knights Abominant are suffused with the power of the warp. They unleash this eldritch force in deadly waves, corrupting and mutating those nearby, and incinerating distant foes with blasts of volkite energy. In combat they thrash coiling, warp-wrought..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99070201004
Chaos Lords are dark champions who have walked the Path to Glory almost to its conclusion. They now stand only one step away from glory or damnation, ruling great warbands and commanding mighty hordes. Shrouded in unholy glory and the legend of innumberable conquests, their devoted followers would r..
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