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Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120105102
Cadia's officer class are exceptional leaders, serving in perhaps the Imperium's most outstanding regiments. Trained to be the very best and surrounded by a cadre of hand-picked guards and aides, these uncompromising veterans expect no less from the troops under their command. Some are as in..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120105121
The Astra Militarum is a monolithic military force, soldiers and vehicles beyond number spread across war zones throughout the galaxy. Its inexhaustible armies are the Emperor's hammer and the Imperium’s shield. They defend countless worlds from invasion and rebellion, and wrest back lost territory ..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120105101
Born soldiers, the Shock Troops of Cadia are trained for military service from the moment they can hold a rifle. Long years of rigorous firing drills have forged them into expert sharpshooters, skilled in both dogged defence and storming assault. Cadian Shock Troops are held by many as the ideal Imp..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120105114
The Chimera is a versatile fighting vehicle, a durable and practical troop carrier employed to ferry infantry into the harshest war zones. While embarked, its passengers operate the Chimera’s in-built lasgun arrays in armoured safety. Once they dismount, the vehicle's crew provide fire sup..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120105097
While massed infantry can overwhelm the foe, it often falls to Heavy Weapons Squads to deliver the killing blow. These teams of gun crews swiftly set up their mobile heavy weapons as their comrades advance, providing the firepower to bolster battle lines. With access to an arsenal of portable armame..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120105115
The Hydra Flak Tank is equipped to blow aerial foes out of the sky. Armed with twin-lined Hydra autocannons and a predictive logic-spirit, few airborne foes could survive the howling onslaught of the Hydra’s firepower.   This plastic kit can be assembled as either a Hydra or a Wyvern wi..
Astra Militarum: Leman Russ Battle Tank
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120105081
The Leman Russ is the primary battle tank of the Imperial Guard, forming the spearhead of countless armoured columns. Those enemies that do not fall to the bombardment of their cannons and numerous hull-mounted guns are crushed mercilessly beneath their heavy treads. These reliable and formidable ta..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120105049
Manticores fire their limited supply of storm eagle rockets from incredible distances, unleashing furious salvos of firepower and laying waste to enemy formations. Multiple warheads release a moment before each rocket’s impact, signalling the panicking foe’s doom no matter how far they t..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120105098
The Rogal Dorn Battle Tank is a lumbering behemoth, equally suited to anchoring a battle line, or grinding forward in support of an assault. Bristling with thunderous guns, these hulking armoured fighting vehicles pound breaches in enemy’s defences with enormous shells, and tear apart infantry..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120117027
Battleforce: Genestealer Cults: Biosantic Broodsurge..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101375
The Raven Guard strike from the shadows, attacking the enemy from unexpected angles when they least expect it. These tactics have won many a conflict before battle was joined in earnest, when other Chapters might have been bogged down in prolonged campaigns. As such, the Raven Guard prefer lighter u..
Brand: Games Workshop Model: GW99120101363
Helbrecht is the living embodiment of his Chapter's warrior spirit. Wielding the Sword of the High Marshals, he storms into the fray, bellowing oaths of vengeance as he leads the unstoppable charge. His battle-brothers follow him without question, for they believe where High Marshal Helbrecht treads..
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